Character Creation Rules

Starting level: 1st

Starting wealth: Average for class

Ability Scores:

  • 20 point buy.
  • No score can be lower than 7 after racial modifier.
  • Character should have at most one score that is a 7 and no more than two scores below 10.

Hit Points: Max HP for 1st level. Half Hit Die +1 for subsequent levels.

Class: All classes are allowed, but summoners should be Unchained Summoners. Please read this section of the player's guide for more information as to how different classes would best fit into the setting.

Race: Core races preferred. Non-core requires GM approval. Please read this section of the player's guide for more information on how the core races fit into the setting.

Alignment: No evil characters. Good aligned characters are strongly preferred. Neutral characters require GM approval to ensure that their motivations will be appropriate will be appropriate for the game.


Skills: Normal class skills for your level +2 additional background skills.

Background skills should be relevant to your character, such as their past profession or studies.  Only the skills listed below can be selected as background skills. Also, even if a skill is on the list below, it cannot be selected if your class grants additional benefits to that skill. For example, an Alchemist cannot select Craft (Alchemy) as a background skill, nor could a Bard select the Perform skill.

  • Appraise
  • Craft
  • Handle Animal
  • Knowledge (Engineering)
  • Knowledge (Geography)
  • Knowledge (History)
  • Knowledge (Nobility)
  • Linguistics
  • Perform
  • Profession
  • Sleight of Hand

Other Restrictions:

  • No 3rd Party material.
  • The following feats are not allowed:

    • Leadership
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Arithmancy


Please answer the following questions about your character, in addition to any other details you wish to provide about your character.

1. Based on your campaign trait, your character should have a grudge with the criminal Gaedren Lamm. Please elaborate on your interactions with the man and your relationship with any other individuals involved in the situation.

2. Dealing with Gaedran is only the beginning of the campaign. As the campaign progresses other things will start to go wrong in the city of Korvosa. The assumption is that your character will want to help the city. Explain what would motivate your character to lend a helping hand, instead of just barring yourself in your home or leaving town.

Character Creation Rules

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