Annaliese Hawkins

A lanky pile of limbs, anger, panic and heroics


Annaliese Hawkins wants to be seen as terrifying, an avenging spirit in the shadows, righting the wrongs and taking down villains to defend the meek and helpless. She wants desperately to be seen as vengeful and scary, for people to look at the angle of her longsword, the fire and mana dripping from her hands, and think “I cannot defeat her”.

Annaliese is not this. She is six feet-and-three-inches of awkward, last minute growth spurt, with a sword she can barely use, magic she’s been cultivating for a handful of months, and her father’s pet ‘rabbit’ Archibald angrily gnawing at her notes and rosewood armor when given a chance. She’s far from the ‘avenging angel’ mystique she wants to inspire, instead looking rather pathetic in an almost endearing sort of way.

Her life had been fairly mundane until four months ago. She assisted her father during the day at the inn, a building that was under massive amount of debt but still had a chance to be paid off and eventually become hers. At night, she would practice her magic, dreaming of something more interesting to happen, beyond the stressful work of trying to keep her home solvent and her future stuck in the position of innkeep.

In the worst way possible, she got her wish.

Gaedran Lamm killed her father on the way to his debt collector, stealing the money needed to keep them from taking back the inn as well as her father’s beloved ring. In the midst of the chaos, the debt collectors took back the inn, sending Annaliese and Archibald to the street. Thanks to Gaedran Lamm, she lost her home, her family, and her future. And gained an ill guilt, realizing she was given the ‘something more interesting’ that she was looking for.

Armed with weapons and equipment that Annaliese was able to procure with her last amount of gold, she trains and searches for a company to take down Gaedran Lamm. But it’s not just him that she wants to stop. Annaliese wants to prevent this from ever happening to anyone again, wants to chase off both the low-level crooks and cutpurses and the higher-level loan sharks and corrupt officials that throw people to the streets.

Now she first needs to convince a group they need a newbie magus and her pet rabbit. Especially since the rabbit bites.

Annaliese Hawkins

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